Lord of the rings online

Update 19.1 is finally there. We have new jewellery, barterable for some 1 amber and ~125 other flowers. We have some competition between players for these flowers. Some classes were fixed, some stuff added to creep players.

New jewellery is nice 3-slotted one. Price is reasonable and I have already started to grind flowers. Met other players, but lucky for me, most of them were following wrong strategy with flower picking. However, rare extracts were almost not dropping: 2 days – 1 sapphire essence. This fact does confirm my axiom “quantity over quality”.

There were rumours about barterable essences. Rumours were not confirmed. Now, looks like we would have craftable Ithilien essences in next update. Well, this craft would require lots of rare materials. One of them – some stuff that drops from Forager baskets only. Reported drop rate is at least 1 from 30.

I spent some time talking with kinnies about essences, flowers and myself. There was really a long talk, explaining everything about the way I think. Finally, I was listened to and received valuable advices. Now, all I have to do is to grind flowers all the time (quantity always wins!) and then turn to fast TP grind. My latest TP grind strategy proved to be effective.

Oh, featured instances: two runs, 1 not-so-much desired essence. Along with TPs, need to grind gold and actually buy these essences.

World chat was really bad. Everybody talking about Trump, elections, their radical thoughts…had to turn World off. A pity, we have no moderators that could shut up political things.

And so the day has ended – at last with some feeling of sense in Lotro.