Lord of the rings online

First of all – we have Update 19.1 confirmed. Update is to start today, will introduce new jewellery (barterable for flowers), also minor, insignificant changes. The main thing I was expecting – it just did not happen.

On Bullroarer, they had an option to barter Ithilien essences for flowers.We won’t have such things: 3-slotted jewellery – yes; cosmetic stuff – yes…no essences. A pity, I was waiting, ready to make as long grind as needed. And now it is gone.  It could be of great help to players.

My Stormsong resumed flower grind. Initially I thought it would be for new armour so that I equip tons of Ithilien essences. Now, I would grind anyway.

Stormsong ran featured instances, got lame loot. I never get quality loot there. Naktieskarys did one instance, looted 1 Anfalas scroll and 1 tier 8 essence of will.

It is clear I won’t be able to barter for Anorien essences. First, it requires too long travel. Second, it requires stuff dropped (sometimes) by Elite monsters.

And so the day has ended. Let us see what U.19.1 will bring.