Lord of the rings online

We had a huge update, lasting for 9 hours. Results: none. I was waiting for something Bullroarer already has: new essences, new jewellery, Ithilien essences for barter. Of course, flowers,Astrogarden activity is the new end-game…

There were none. New jewellery was posted on forums and it is really nice. Ithilien essences are nice.

Stormsong did 2 daily runs and looted only 3 Anfalas scrolls + Tome of Fate 10. My dvertising for it ended with nothing: these items have no demand. After several attempts to get someone interested -deleted it. Also, helped one group with lvl. 42/45 Maze and Thadur. Later farmed Orcs, but these were greedy and almost did not drop task items. Plus, had competition in ruins.

I felt some kind of emptyness. Nowhere to go, nobody needs help, nothing to do.  Kinship advices purchasing new region, but it’s no-no for me. I am boycotting new content untill they make something worth investment (which Turbine would never do, they aren’t capable of it).

As much as it sounds weird – Turbine staff does play Lotro. Saw their twitches. Then why do they do not listen to players’ problerms and critics?

I am lost in Lotro. There is no activity, rewards are almost non-existent. I do not know what to do wityh essences: could earn TPs, purchase solvent and craft/ask to craft. Or, I could wait for new update, grind tons of flowers, barter everything I need. Situation with no exit.

And so the day has ended – grey and empty in Lotro. GOsh, I do need some activity, except grinding orcs, nodes and TPs.