Lord of the rings online

should now be called Lord of the flowers online. Or – Astrogarden 2.0.

But initially – my Stormsong was struggling with essences. I lack some of tier 8 Anorien ones and noc hance to get them. Got some really cheap on Auction house. Now the prices are 7 times up and I am not going to waste money. Major essences cannot be looted. Since I do not have quest pack – cannot get as a reward. Therefore starting farming Orcs for “Riders of Rohan” faction reputation items. Drop rate – sometimes 1 item for 20 Orcs.

Got into some argue with some kinnies and World chat players about this. After such failure like first Gondor – I told myself not to purchase any new content. It is simply really hard and not rewarding. Quest in the eternal darknes? Stare at cloned faces and swans’ asses all the day? Grind tokens to get armour, then grind more tokens to get essence recipes, grind way more tokens for essence recipes (all they are signle use), then grind flowers for armour, grind flowers for essences, then grind tons of flowers for essences…

It just does not make any sense. And I cannot get Major essences in any non-AH way. Some players keep telling me: Nak, you grind TPs, just grind and purchase content. No, thanks. It has very low return of investment value, is extremely grindy and very hard. Why should I purchase it?

And no, I won’t accept any side-help, like “oh well, I will send you all Major essences you need”. Nope. I must get everything myself. Cannot depend upon side help. And box runs did not help – got few un-needed.

Meanwhile killing poor Orcs (getting killed from time to time: new content requires…welll…some 500.000 hp to quest without fear), harvesting flowers (why? no idea), farming Lavish chests (found 1 Zircon shard this way).

Xinderbor did almost fast TP run. Ered Luin deeds, used slayer and skill deed accelerator, killed Dourhands, spiders, hendrovals quickly, teleported to bree, killed spiders, neekers, sickle-flies, then killed anything rthat moves untill accelerator expired. Finished few class deeds this way. Started with some 375 Turbine points, ended with ~510.

Managed to aid few people. At least some light in Lotro.

And now – to last news. We are getting Update 19.1. Players would get new barter jewellery. And we are getting new essences. Coloured ones, Bullroared tells about orange and red.

Long live Lord of the Flowers online. Or just Online Hippie Simulator. Get one extract, then get another, get tens of thousands of them, barter, repeat. What would we get in Mordor? Another ton of flowers? Or would be collecting Orc/Uruk excrements? Like “red poo”, “brown poo”, “pink poo”? Turbine makes end-game just pointless. Go, farm flowers, barter, go farm flowers for days, barter…in the name of what? Of  killing instance mob within 9, not 10 minutes?

I feel sad and lost. End-game is just non-existent for me. Epic quests stopped at Ostgiliath (there is no way for me to enter alone. Using mithril coins to ride, Hunter to summon is…almost a cheat).Regional quests are not and won’t be available. Crafting? I am top Scholar and Tailor. Almost everything is pointless.

And so weekend has ended – without inspiration, with pure senseless grind. The only bright news – Taltoz returned to Kinship after some vacation. I do not wait for this updowngrade, for another season of senseless grind.