Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Participated in tier 2 challenge of Water wing of Fornost. Was damn hard. I died too many times. Was a healer, but it did not prevent others from dying. At last instance, was on more comfortable role of dps. Result – some 2 scrolls if empowerement. And, more important, 10 long-lost coins.

Helped one player with Angmar quests. There was little info where were we going and why. However, everything went ok, monsters killed, quests completed.

Naktieskarys was a crafter: managed to craft entire 4 Supreme essences of Tactical mastery. And then I was done with those essences: no more Major ones. However, replaced Nadhin shoulderpads (4 critical rating essences) with tactical mastery ones. Still some 20.000 critical rating (need to make some 18.000) and need to get more and more essences.

Created few toons for TP grind. One day would have to make some very quick grind and get those Turbine points. 400 TPs to grind, then maybe spend some gold/time for Major essences. Then, tactic is simple: remove some more Critical rating essences, add more Morale and Tactical mastery.

So the day has ended. I am to start TP grind soon,