Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did 1 featured instance. Fornost Water wing was a real nightmare. First, some monsters attacked me near local swamp. Then, water silenced me. FInally, got killed, retreated, try to run, ran into more monsters, was killed, retreated. Re-ran, avoiding anything, only to arrive to closed doors. I was of zero use to my friends.

After run left group, declining offer to join. I felt useless and thus a bit grumpy.

Then discussed my setup with kinnies. Discussion was sometimes hot. Yes, I am glass cannon. Yes, my philosophy is to destroy monster before it reaches me. Yes, my critical rating is high, maybe too high.

Folks advice to reduce critical rating, increase morale and tactical mastery. Now trying to calculate essence stuff. New essences (lvl.105 Anorien supremes) have some differences over lvl.100 Greater ones. I would also need new jewellery.

Overall, I still use 20 essences, all of these need to be replaced. Have to remove at least 4 critical rating ones,add 1 will and remaining – tactical mastery + morale. Have much work to do…and still little solvents.

Which leads me to TP grind. Some 400 TP to go, purchase 25 solvents from store.

I am (kind of…) close to my goal:have my Minstrel equipped with top armour and essences. Then, I would be stronger and better Minstrel.

And so the day has ended, kind of normal in Lotro.