Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did dailies, looting valuable “long-lost coins”. Later decided to start essence equipping.

Oh well, you have to craft them. And there I had some problems. Only 2 Zircon shards, some 18 Universal solvents. Luckily – enough Major essences. And of course, recipes. Each is single use, different essences require different schools to craft.

Crafting may be complicated. If you need, say, 5 Supreme Anorien essences, you need 5 Major essences. Then, you craft 5 Greater essences (5 Zircon shards, 5 solvents, 5 major essences). Finished with greater? Craft supremes (5 Zircon shards, 5 solvents, 5 greater essences). So, every ingredient x2.

I crafted some Tactical Mitigation, then asked one kinnie to craft Supreme morale ones. Naktieskarys made tactical mastery (if I remember good). Result: 1 piece of flower armour fully slotted and equipped. Naktieskarys used his own solvent, thus saving 2.

Exchanged one tome to 4 solvents. Took me few days to do it and some half-scam offers.

Was able to help other players. Stormed Warg pens (lvl.78) with two players. In the end, they did not manage to enter last monster’s cave, so I had to solo. And I soloed, they finished quest. Adviced another player on my own strategy of collecting flowers (never bother about rare ones. Quantity over quality saves time). Also, stormed Moria instance with one hunter..

Now, I am stronger in Lotro (all thanks to new armour and essences). After I equip all armour – should turn to Jewellery and calculating. Looks like I need more morale on my toon (but also my favourite Critical rating).

What await me so far – daily runs for Long lost coins and TP grinds on my grinder toons. I need to become stronger and better Minstrel. One who is less afraid to enter instances.

And so my 2 days were over, they were really good in Lotro.