Lord of the rings online

Weekend activity: Stormsong did dailies, every single time a run was organized. Then, I decided to start grinding flowers. Yes, the flowers. I can’t remember Gimli or Aragorn collecting sapphire extracts and bartering these for armour, though…

One kind kinnie summoned me to Ostgiliath (after battle). Yes, once again we have huge areas after battle. Turbine never learns from mistakes: in their place I would avoid such places like a plague. It’s better to have 50 Hobbitons than 1 Minas Tirith. Initially I thought this was kind of trolling – everybody knows my attitude towards Ostgiliath…But no, it wasn’t.

Ride to forest, writing down how many Amber and Sapphire extracts would i need. Checking every single plant, losing duel to some 45.000 hp monster (thanks to my PC lag, too). Then resurrecting, collecting again.

For reasons unknown to me players tend to go after “rare” plants, like Bell-o-Dale. In relaity, these mostly gives few non-rare extracts and in this way are much worse than Mountain-Rose. I chose wise strategy: win by quantity, not quality. if I wait for some “rare” plant to spalwn, I lose time. Hence it’s easier to get “non-rare” stuff and later just barter.  Strangelly enough, I got Sapphire extracts dropping more, than Ambers (folks in World chat  told otherwise). Some 2,5 days of picking flora: 13 Sapphire, 5 Amber and maybe 1500 non-rare extracts. No data on plant that has the most likely chance to give: any plant may.

World chat was joking about flowers, I told Sauron did not realise he needed the Ring of Flowers to rule them all (who needs Power these days?).

Started thinking about essences. I will need many of them and lack money + resources. Some items should be bought in Auction house, some – maybe bartered for Turbine points. One very kind player in World chat helped me very much with essences and minstrel setup.

Kinship had social event and unfortunately, I was too busy with “my” flowers. Now all I can think about is new equipment. Lvl.105 essences are better, so they would make my Minstrel more powerfull. Morale essences would be just great – the mor morale (folks tell I need some 40,000 of it, when i have only 14,000), the better. And,. of course, extra Will and extra Fate always helps.

So much of end-game in Lord of the rings: you ride in forest, avoid monsters and collect flowers.