Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys mined Anorien skarn/ore near Ostgiliath. Mined some 200 of it and about 60 High grade ore. Teleported to Dol Amroth, used crafting accelerator and almost reached first level of proficiency (first anvil). Lack about 200 xp points, will try to locate another craft accelerator.

Stormsong ran two featured instances, got 2 Anfalas scrolls. Later, helped one player with Dunland. Power-levelling, then he ran into half-long solo instance and I departed. Then another player (lvl.34 Hunter) needed aid in Garth Agarwen. We did every single quest there, ran all 3 instances and were victorious.

Had some talk with kinnies about my situation. I feel lost in Lotro. Cannot go forward, cannot go backward, there is little reason to advance crafting, little reason to farm crafting materials or increase statuses. Ostgiliath prevents me from epic line (and it’s impossible to enter: one guard group consists of 11 monsters – melee, ranged and mages). Since there are more groups, I am supposed to kill, say, 20 enemies in one fight. Using warsteed is not an option, there is no map oof OG. Since I cannot over-dps monsters, cannot run wth some 1 million hp, cannot reflect al shots and there is no other entrance – I cannot enter OG alive.

Kinnies think I need to change situation. But I can’t make Minstrel wear heavy armour, Champion – have heals like those of Minstrel. In short, I could need hybrid class: armour and melee dps like Champion, ranged nukes and self-heals like Minstrel. Some 100.000 hp – and i am good to go. It’s utopia, I know.

And so the day has ended, not impressive and grey in Lotro.