Lord of the rings online

We had an update. Some skills of Minstrel changed, but I guess these changes won’t affect me.

Stormsong did two dailies, looted 3 Anfalas scrolls and some lousy essences.

Naktieskarys went to Faramir’s hideout and farmed Anorien skarn. Met one warband (avoided it) and had to kill 1 enemy. I tend to avoid fights there, since they may end in defeat for me. Results of mining are not impressive: only some 50 ore, some worthless Zircon and zero shards. I need few hundred more ore to be proficient and somehow advance my weaponsmith.
Went to Ostgiliath. Calculated things. There is one big group of monsters guarding main entrance, some 11 mobs. One mob keep marching forwards and backwards. Another group guard side exit, some 6 of them. I did not calculate remaining (two? three?) groups. It is absolutely clear Ostgiliath cannot be entered without lvl.110 or without group of some 40 players (scheme is primitive and risky: each mob is attacked by one tank, one ranged dps and tank is supported by 1 healer). 40 players on one server in one place –>crash guaranteed.

Talked in World chat about essences. Looks like Anorien supreme are better than Ithilien greater. Tried to joke, but it gave little results.

And so the day has ended – unimpressice grind in Lotro.