Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Two featured instance runs, some 4 scrolls. All were deposited to Naktieskarys. And I continued to gather info about new essences for flower armour. People in Kin were not too active, World chat told me Ithilien greater essence was better than Anorien supreme. Maybe it’s good, greaters are easier to get.

What frightens me – crafting requiremenets. 2 solvents, 2 Zircon shards for each. For 20 essences I would need…40 solvents? 40 Zircon? Oh my. And yes, I would need 20 recipes (these are single use, curse you Turbine). In short, flowers are the least problem.

Helped one player in Dunland. Looked like he needed help with every single quest, so after a while I retreated.

Talked to our Taltoz. Lucky, he’s still there (not migrated anywhere). Talked about many things, joked about many things – like in old good times.

Naktieskarys upgraded his legacies on LI. So far – upgrading Might and Critical rating. Will need lots of scrolls, just not sure – why. Naktieskarys is so passive, so abandoned.

I feel stuck in Lotro. I do Featured instances, get some Anfalas scrolls and some trash there. I deposit scrolls for my alts…and do nothing more. Vytautaz almost finished doable deeds (many slayer deeds remain, but they are over-grindy and does not increase required virtues). All I am left with is TP grind.

Just have to find what to do before moving Vytautaz to grumpy Gondor and Paths of the Dead.