Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran 2 featured instances. Some 3 Anfalas scrolls and this time instance is Sari Surma in Forochel. People use “SS” and so one player was accused on being a Nazi. Well, some players are just too suspicious.

Featured instance ended in me killed (some bear reflected shots) at lvl.105. Everything else went smooth. Now I have 70 Anfalas scrolls of empowerement in Stormsong’s vault, so may start supplying Naktieskarys.

Vytautaz did Evendim Giant slayer (simple and advanced) deed. Not for TPs, those are of little importance – for “virtues”. I need them maxed before entering grumpy Gondor-Anorien-Ithilien.

Also, discussed new armours. Looks like new armour is better. It suffers from -20 Will each piece, but adds some Morale and offers +100 Armour for each piece. Kinnies tell there is much grind, but I am not afraid of it. Perhabs hardest part is essences. Many many supreme essences, starting with valuable Morale, ending with Will.

If things goes right, I should be able to upgrade my “virtues” on Vytautaz and then enter grumpy Gondor. I do not like its quests (nightmare at Tarlags Crown!), am not fascinated by landscape, yet I have to run up to Ostgiliath…and then finish. My questing ends with Ostgiliath, a fortress impossible to enter..

And so the day has ended, quite good and effective in Lotro.