Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was doing Misty mountains slayer deeds. Running in circles, killing every single bear, worm, warg. Then, went to explore. This was the most hard part. Goblin town is a maze where map won’t help, guides (go through first room, turn left, then rigt, then left, up, down, left, right, down to second room, left left right right and you are here) are meaningles.

I asked for help, but everybody refused: Goblin town exploration was something awfull for everybody. A nightmare for everyone. I was left for myself. Cruised in these dark corridors, looking for rooms and Hobbit buttons.

Finally, it was over. Exploration deeds were done, slayer deeds were done. I return to Westfold, finished killing Uruks and Herd Creatures. Received lootbox, got only trash: yet another argument to trash all trashboxes.

Vytautaz has other slayer deeds to do. I just need to google for them – and prepare to enter grumpy Gondor.

Stormsong did 2 daily runs. Now, I have 70 Anfalas scroll of empowerement, ready for future cap increase. Now, I may hoard scrolls for Naktieskarys.

Our Taltoz has left kin and probably server. Once again he leaves, I think it’s not rught. We need him, world needs him and Kin needs at least some words, even if they are “good-bye, see you in 1 month”.

And so weekend was over, grindy, yet more grind ahead.