Lord of the rings online

Stormsong went to do Featured instance, got some Anfalas scrolls and trash loot. Then went to Harvest festival, earned 4 tokens and helped (kind of…) with Carn Dum. Almost killed when a horde of monsters rushed to me. AoE attacks helped to stabilize number of refugees monsters, ny 2 colleagues were killed…but we were victorious.

Harvest festival makes me nervous. I need at least 90 tokens for Anfalas crystal. Currently have 5. I could earn some 4 in one day: typically get 1 token per hour. And no, travelling means wasting of time and money, so I stick with Bree. tokens means 17 hours. Senseless grind, have to admit.

Finished Belfalas housing area quests with the help of one kind Minstrel. Finally, these are done. Also, met one player. I helped him before and he told that if I needed payment, he has one. I answered – “yes, payment, but on MY terms”. And my terms were clear – when you are big top level, offer help to lower levels. Player contacted me and told his big toon helped others. Nice news.

Vytautaz continued questing in Misty mountains. Alas, all slayer deeds, simple and advanced, are poorly done. My toon has to finish everything, then move to another area. Not sure why am I doing all of this – I need only few “virtues”…but I am doing this. Not for TPs…maybe out of boredom?

Lotro epic quest line would end with Ostgiliath for me. I know I can’t enter there. I know there are questlines I would not finish, unless they introduce lvl.110/115 or sell some 500.000 – 1 million hp strong health buff. Then I would have nothing to do. Gondors, Ithiliens – they are really hard lands. If I go as champion, I have armour, but lack heals and am defeated. If I go as minstrel, as have valuable ranged dps and healing, but no armour and am defeated. There is no solution for that.

In short -the day was nice, I am ready for more action in Lotro while I still have some interest in it.