Lord of the rings online

Finally, from vacations! Sunny, happy Paphos (Cyprus), good weather, lots opf heritage that we visited, nice mood. Everything was just perfect.

Meanwhile Lotro has new update. Burglars and Hunters received some changes. New region introduced (and no auto-bestowed quest). New barter item – flowers. One needs tons of them, 3 are common, 2 are rare. Guess, everyone is mad about flowers right now. We also have new armour, in my case -it gives less Will than Nadhin, but adds some morale. Not sure if it is worth the trade, Nadhin is so far good.

New region is pure nightmare. You have – surprise, surprise – Minas tirith after battle. Same huge city (imagine 2-3 Morias). Same huge lag. Same zero directions where to go, what to do.  NPCs with the ring are not shown the ring, I could see it on the map only. You arrive…and you understand nothing. Travel through the city? Go outside? Hunt for something?

I felt angry and left. Lag is super-heavy and even Kin’s reccomendations to reduce graphic (reduce to – MS-DOS games level???) would not help. How is one expected to quest in region while even entering it uis a huge problem. My PC almost froze at start area (imagine same in Combe). What would be in monster-dense areas?

New housing: we have premium one, houses for some 400 mithril coins, upkeep – from 1 gold coin/week. Upkeep waived for VIPs – a wise decision by Turbine. New housing areas are nice and inviting. You have huge streets, you have seaside, you have forest. The problem is – housing chest is shared with your non-premium house. I.e. you won’t get more space to store stuff. Wrong decision, I guess. They should give separate chests and allow players to spend mithril to increase storage capacity. Overall – new housing is nice. And yes, old, non-mithril, is oficially no longer supported. Nobody will increase hooks or add something.

I felt really angry and grumpy about new content. I can’t finish Ostgiliath – need hundred(s) of players at one area attacking mobs at the same time (server crash). Without finishing, I can’t advance and so epic would never be done. New quests would be just empty stuff. I no longer am interested in any quest text. Somebody killed – ok, somebody survived – ok, yes yes yes next next next, finish, pick lame reward, advance further. Would I go to new region? Not sure, maybe at the end of this year. The only thing that still holds me in Lotro is my Kinship.

Bright side: managed to help few people with questing. One asked to join our Kinship.

Vytautaz finished slayer deeds in Forochel, using 1 slayer deed accelerator. Now he is is Misty Mountains, forced to kill lots of bears, worms, snow-beasts, trolls. Then there would be next regions.

And so vacations are over, kind of normal in Lotro.