Lord of the rings online

My vacations are close. Tomorrow leaving Lithuania, one week in sunny Cyprus, then back to Lithuania and one week of vacations. No playing, no blog – just relaxation under sun of Paphos enjoying local heritage.

Stormsong did nothing:can’t enter Halls of Night. No Anfalas scrolls grind.

Xinderbor, my TP grinding alt, finished Bree slayer deed. Orcs and Huorns were slaughtered. Almost no competition, only with Huorns had I two other players running around. Then, finished Barrows exploration and managed to kill some wighs.

Level 20. Rush to Bree, used Cordolan trinkets. Hurray, Kindred! In vault, I also sold some items. Now I have ~13 gold. Enough to pay for house maintenance, my private Kinship house maintenance and leave some spare gold.

Now, I have to quickly run through the Shire. Slay (just NOT slugs), explore, receive TP, use reputation items.

Rest would be when I return from Cyprus. Grinding TPs to purchase additional storage (nowhere else to spend). Braving to do some mega-grind with Vytautaz and max his virtues (only to enter grumpy, uninspiring Gondor).

So – taking some rest from Lotro and online games. See you all after vacations 🙂