Lord of the rings online

Featured instance is Halls of Night – one I do not have purchased. Pity, missed at least 3 scrolls and maybe some essences.

Stormsong helped one player in Evendim. Kill Gauredain, then some Giants. I cleared the road, my colleague had little chance to intervene. It was fun and we were quick to finish quests. Not so quick to turn them in (long distance to travel). One time I even outperformed lvl.105 Champion. Minstrel nukes from distance, so there all melee classes are outperfomed.

Xinderbor had much fun with TP grind.Went to Barrows, killed wighs, barghests, finished Lore of Cordolan prince. Yes, Emnity of the dead I finished too. Also tried Mathom hunters armour – quite good. Not too impressive, but still nice. I equipped all 6 pieces.

I am close to finish most Bree deeds. Orc slayer, Huorn slayer (simple and advanced). Ruins of Breeland and History of Dunedain. Maybe even Barrows exploration.

Then, Shire. All exploration, all slayer deeds. Finally, using all reputation items and gaining more valuable TPs.

Question is about TPs itself. Kinnies advice purchasing Halls of Night. They tell it is 195 Turbine points and only some 120 would be returned. It is considered to be boring and I have not heard of any nice rewards from it. Probably not purchasing – will waste my TPs on vault (simple and shared). Otherwise I have nothing to spend TPs on. Vault, shared vault, maybe even wardrobe. Gondor, Anorien and other quest packs? Lame, worthless thing that won’t pay off and would offer only grind.

I still have today and tomorrow. Later, leaving for a week. Vacations in golden, sunny Cyprus, then back to Lithuania for more vacations.