Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Standard runs, some Major tier 8 essences looted (all stored in vault – nowhere to use). I have 48 Anfalas scrolls now – still much more to go.

Tried to help other players with questing. Some players called me friendly person “making server better”. I see other players offering their help for newbies too. At the same moment, 1 or 2 player tried to troll me, telling “instances are basically questing”, “questing is levelling, unless at level cap”.This was resumed by one player – “if there are Warg Pens to level up, it’s no-no for Storm”. I mean land/epic quests that sometimes require group of lvl.105 to complete. Managed to help some players, amongst them – very nice group of lvl.40-50 in Fornost. At the Shadow wing, they had great knowledge about what and where to do, one Beorning kited, I dps’ed. Things were really nice.

Vytautaz ran 1 run, looted 1 Anfalas scroll.

Xinderbor grinded Turbine points. At Ered Luin I behaved unfriendly, refusing to enter group with one Champion and thus we fought for every single wolf/goblin. I finished rather quickly, finished neeker/spider/fly slayer in Bree-land, managed to end Brigand slayer. Level 17 – first AoE spell which I managed to use. Now, I must prepare for one long run: a) barghest slaye (simple/adv); b) skeleton slayer (simple/adv); c)enemy of the wighs; d)Lore of cordolan prince; e) huorn slayer (simple/adv); f) orc slayer (simple/adv). Then I move to Shire, dps anything I could, explore everything I could…and up to Ered Luin. Rath teraig exploration, finish deeds. Using Mathoms, Bree land rep.items, finishing TP grind.

Also put some stuff on AH. Hope it would sell for some gold so that I could pay for house maintenance, both Kinship and my private.

And so weekend has ended, quite good in Lotro.