Lord of the rings online

Update 19:more details. Flowers (yes, every aragorn/gimli should collect flowers) would be a component for – I quote – end game crafting. Which could probably mean:in order to make this armour, use 100 kg of metal, 5 pink and 1 yellow flower. Sounds a bit ridiculous. Also, we would have “North Ithilien event” somewhere at December. Grind too, the question is if it would be worth starting.

Stormsong did daily runs. One of them was not succesfull – I took “my”wing and the only Elf was hidden too well. I failed many times and finally gave up. Somebody though managed to save lame elf.

Helped one player with Moria instance. Level 40s monsters were no match for my AoE attacks. Alas, players sometimes cannot read simple English. I ask if anybody needs help with questing…and receive tells “hi can u help me advance to lvl. xx?”. No, sorry, I mean quests only, not instances, skirmishes, levelling. Also ran Pelagir duo.

Besides, statistics: since last Anfalas starlit – looted zero Anfalas starlits, zero tomes, zero supreme essences of any kind, zero first age symbols. How one is expecte to make money, not losses, from instances, remains a mystery. Adding to statistics: I have 38 Anfalas empowerement scrolls.

There is an item I need (in fact, many of these kind). Kind of expensive, but needed. And I cannot write about it there or tell the Kinship. Just because my kinnies would rush and send me money/item which I do not want to happen. I want to be self-sufficient as much as possible. To find a way of selling stuff and earning thousands of gold.

And so the day has ended – long and almost effective in Lotro.