Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran both featured instances. It is not that I like them much – they are boring, based on resuce of as little elves as possible and then dps’ing monsters. But they give Anfalas scrolls of empowerement, that’s what matters. I received some 3 (?) of them and managed to dps.

Later Stormsong helped to kill one Rowing Threat in Angmar. Fight was difficult. We had champion, guardian and me. I was required as dps. We had almost a wipe 2 times. This was one rare times my resurrection skills were of some use – and finally, boss killed, some currency received.

Naktieskarys did one run, received some Major essences and 1 or 2 scrolls.

Vytautaz finished quests in Marthon and that part of Rohan. Now, I have only grindy deeds: Herd creature slayer (160 to kill) and troll slayer (~150 to kill). Boring. Yet, it gives TPs and possibly upgrades virtues. So, now I just have to kill and kill and kill.

Ahelissa was required too. One player told he needed lvl.40 medium might-based armour. The closiest I had was Guild one which consumed almost all Medium Artisan patterns. However, armour was crafted and I was satisfied. As always, did not accept money – accepted crafting materials though.

On World chat we dicussed Premium housing. My guess is – since developers does not play game and/or listen to players, they made wrong decision. If I was to create Premium housing, I would choose between:
1) Make Premium houses purchasable for real cash only. As much as one wants.
2) Make Premium houses purchasable for not too huge amount of mithril. VIPs could just keep houses, nin-vips may pay small rent in mithril
Turbine made third decision – pay huge sums – which leaves almost everyone unsatisfied. If they listen to players, they would have done something right and something that may give money. At the end, they could make things Istaria way: for each year of VIP you receive some token (Istaria’s Token of Loyalty). Let us say, 2 tokens –>one free house. 7 tokens – 4 free houses (no upkeep).

Starting October 5, I would be offline – till October 13, visiting Paphos (Cyprus). I do hope to have a good time there among rich cultural heritage and nice people. Already informed Kin so that they know.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro. I was usefull to others, I was effective and things were good.