Lord of the rings online

Very little time to play:preparing for vacations, need to get things.

Stormsong did 2 featured instance runs. One run was not nice – always got in the sight of local troll and hence in jail. However, dps (killing Warden and his trolls) part was nice. Loot was unimpressive – 2 scrolls and 2 Major essences (tier 8). Others got nice things, including Anfalas crystal of remembrance. Others, not me, never me. Yet another proof game RNG is set against me. In favour of anyone else, just that I won’t get anything of any value, like good status tomes, Anfalas crystals.

Asked for price for 3 spare status tomes. Not impressive. 2 of them are worth some 100 gold, one has no worth at all.

Now I have some 31 Anfalas scrolls. Enough for Stormsong and good for almost 2 legacies on Naktieskarys.

Asked if anyone needed help – nobody needed. Oh, lucky server…

And so the day has ended – a bit angry on game system, but overall – almost good in Lotro.