Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. New featured instance: Dungeons of Dol Guldur (DoDG as they shortcut it…). Saving lame Elves, then battling trolls. I was in my favourite DPS mode. Nuking anything, sometimes casting protective bubble on fellowship members. Outcome: 2 Anfalas scrolls, some Major essences (tier 8).

Helped lvl.6 Guardian with 2 quests – killing bears and boars. Then, he thanked me and we departed. i got Bronze lootbox which contained trash – trash was just deleted.

And then, long talking about in-game gold. I still wonder how others can have tens of thousands. I mean, without investing real money and TP. Kinnies keep telling other folks sell tomes, Anfalas crystals/scrolls – but that’s not about making 1000 a day. To make 1000 a day, one has to succesfully sell 6 tomes (only low tiers). Even if one runs 12 instances a day – it’s not possible to loot that much. Still, a mystery I would prooobably never solve.

In World chat we ranted about Hobbitses, someone mentioned Rivendell market was open, someone ranted about slaves…I told I needed 365 Hobbit slaves:so that each day different Hobbit would lick my boots and sing a song of my glory. Besides, Hobbitses should make a nice dinner…

On Lotro  forums people keep discussing new housing. Looks like it is the most interesting part for players.

And so the day has ended – with some 25 Anfalas scrolls, decision to trash every single lootbox and desire to have Hobbit slave army…