Lord of the rings online

We have Producers letter! First, there is housing fior mithril coins. Not sure how it would work, but if you pay mithril, you may own as many houses as you wish. Positive news, maybe would solve problem of ghost towns. Then, Hunter and Burglar are to receive some changes. New regions announced, we will witness Gollum (at least they hint “riddle master and keeper of magic things”). New region -new reputation items. Flowers. Ones of different colours. Just imagining Aragorn riding with a cart full of flowers, telling some battle-hardened soldier: o brave soldier, please give me Ultra Heavy armour in exchange for 20 pounds of pink, 15 pounds of blue and 1 pound of yellow flowers… Developers promises to fight lag, but that’s nearly impossible. They keep repeating old mistakes. Dol Amroth was big and hence lagged. Minas Tirith is bigger and lags heavily. It’s time for them to focus on many little areas instead of one as big as Bree-land and Shire (Moria being the only exclusion). October will tell whaty would we get: a new very hard, forced-fellowship region full of fortresses impossible to enter…or something inviting?

Vytautaz finished first part of Big Battles, defended Hornburg, received title “Survivor of long night” and 1 trait point. Now, questing, killing every single Herd Animal. I witnessed -once again- sad fate of Marton villagers. Their new Thane and how villagers acted unwisely. Yes, they fled alone only to be slaughtered by Orcs. I had to run backwards and forwards, killing trolls, uruks…but overall it was nice.

Stormsong was really active. Participated in daily instance runs. Looted Anfalas scrolls -these stack in 10 only. One time got some (relics?essence?) reclamation scroll. Helped one player in Garth Agarwen and felt really cool. I dps’ed anything, he just had to communicate with me where to go, what to kill. Unfortunately, had to leave before instances. I needed some sleep and felt bad I can’t fight with him longer.  Hunted orcs with another player in Anorien. Helped some others too.Sold some stuff at auction house, but profit was too little. I keep asking if anybody needs help with questing and have to add that “(just NOT levelling)”. Will continue helping others, it is the way any MMO should work.

Xinderbor started her adventures. Finished intro, arrived in Bree, all grind actually ahead.

I keep asking how can some players have tons of gold. They can pay 5000 gold for Gift/Blessing of Valar. SOmebody in Kin told he can make 1000 gold in a day. Well, if I sell everything of any value, I could possibly get such amount. How could anyone receive such sum, remains mystery. Instances and selling loot? Well, tomes of 10-14 tier sell for symbolic prices. Tomes do not drop often. Anfalas crystals too. Empowerement scrolls are kind of cheap. Keys are needed since I could loot something (which ain’t happening).

And so weekend has ended, kind of good in Lotro.