Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Standard two featured instance runs. Some 3 scrolls of Empowerement from them:nice. Last run finished, I went to sellt trash loot…and what do  we have there? Anfalas starlit crystal. First loot since I started to run featured instances. Very good, very handy to increase my Legendary book healing power. I was really happy.

Ran Pelagir duo with a kinnie. Run was really effective, we got platinium rewards (though no cool essences or First age symbols). Later, another kinnie asked for help with Pelagir duo. He was lvl.84 Hunter, but somehow rank 5 engineer. We were efficient, I did side quests (as always) and I even got one reward.

Then ran School with another kinnie. One run after another, hunting for tomes, but none was looted.

Ran Grand Stairs with one player. Things were kind of easy, but the player used to run ahead of me. This went wrong one time – player was killed, I resurrected him. Another time, at the final boss, he was killed too, my resurrection was on 4 minutes cooldown.

And so the day has ended. Quite efficient in Lotro, weekend awaits with more adventures