Lord of the rings online

I had some 1 hour to play, so did only featured instance runs. Loot was just 2 Anfalas scrolls (rest is not of much interest to me), group was good. My only failure was that i was unable to protect one Runekeeper. He died two times, one time it wasn’t my fault.

We still have Baggin’s birthday which is ignored by me. All I need from any festival are Legendary item things: Anfalas starlit crystals, Scrolls of empowerement, other scrolls. Rest if of almost zero interest.

And on the Lotro forums we had a splash of lunatics’ activity. Some lunatic-elitist claimed vurrent featured instance is too easy, loot is too easy…lunatics told we need to make it extremely hard (drops only from tier 2 challenge). Well, if they make it, people would farm Big Battles (stand afk,. get some merit stars, at the end exchange). Why not keep players happy and groups appear every now and then? Current system is good, it gives much end-game activity.

Not for the lunatics, though. Lunatics live in their own world and unfortunately, sometimes they rush to our world to make chaos.

These weirdos aside – my activity was productive, dps were kind of good and I soon would have enough scrolls for additional legacy (i.e. scroll of rememebrance).

Strategic goals remain very simple, but I wish I had will to implement them all:

  • Somehow grind ~500 gold for Anfalas remembrance crystal
  • Finish pre-Pelagir Big Battles on Vytautaz
  • Make serious Turbine point grind, use almost anything to accumulate those TPs. At least additional 800 TPs for Anfalas crystal of remembrance
  • Level up Naktieskarys and grind as much Anorien skarn as possible: he needs to advance weaponsmith

And so, the short day has ended. It was quite good in Lotro.