Lord of the rings online

These days were really busy ones. Stormsong runs featured instances, always in DPS mode (so far nobody asked for heals). Anfalas scroll loot varies from 1 to 3, last days I was succesfull in getting 2 or 3 within one run. Also, some Major essences I store in my vault for some reason.

These runs allowed me to max my Legendary book. All I could do with it now – is get Anfalas crystal of remembrance, add some offensive legacy and spent another 13 scrolls on it.. Which is what I am doing right now.

Later would have to grind for another ton of scrolls for Naktieskarys – his LI is just lousy today.

I was also happy to help others with questing: kill this or that, participate in instances. One player asked how could he repay me? My answer was simple and natural: “when you are lvl.105, offer help to lower lvl players”. That’s all. Received help, give help.

Naktieskarys participated in some featured instance runs and discussed armour problems. I have Dol Amroth 4-slotted and may need 5-slotted. New instance armour is not an option, I am boycotting all new content (unless it comes for 50 Turbine points price). Folks told Morgul crests may be an option, but this means too long grind. Some kinnies keep telling I need 2-slotted armour, but I disagree. More slots, more additional morale essences I could add. And the more hp, the better I survive.

And so the long weekend has ended. I was busy and satisfied. Life is just nice in Lotro.