Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the one active. Each day – featured instance runs. Some of them were really nice and profitable, entire 3 scrolls for one run, sometimes 2 (rarely 1). I helped other players – some in Angmar killing really strong Angmarim crossbowmen and local so-called “elite mobs”, helping lvl.40s run to finish Great barrows and alike. One time ran Ost Elendil, but things did not go well for my group, we were wiped, remained duo…and were victoriuos (challenge failed due to bug). And I had  a real joy of Pelagir ruo with my fellow Minstrel. Yes, red line. Yes, female. Yes, screamer. We were really effective and quick, victorious with platinium rewards. It was almost a run of my dreams.

Vytautaz was instantly asking for help with Big Battles. Kinship was really helpfull, as always. Result – all “starter” Big battles almost done, only Hornburg remains. Unfortunately, I feel no interest in Big battles, it’s only mechanic for me. Pelagir, Minas Tirith is of a different kind.

Naktieskarys ran few featured instance runs. He and Stormsong are having difficult times in Bells of Dale. Folks forbide AoE after first wave and with single target these my toons are not effective.

World chat was full of drama, some roleplayers complaining about nicks like “Kardashian-1”, “Supremegod” and alike. These should not be allowed in Laurelin, but – players complain – Turbine does little about it. At the other hand, there was really big activity and even one player telling Stormsong was one of the niciest (because of her standar “anybody needs help with questing?).

I had to reject some asks for help: those about power-levelling. Sorry, doing slayer deeds, repeatable quests, turning in task items is not that hard.

Had some talks with Kinship about Ostgiliath. Thery are really kind and nice, helpfull people…but this OG is something I must solo. Even if it means waiting for years untill lvl.110. If I had wish to do it with friends, I could finish OG at any time with my Kinship.

Activity aside – I have to grind for Anfalas scrolls (some 3 for current LI and additional 13 should I decide to use mithril coins and unlock last legacy). Then, I have my long-forgotten Naktieskarys with underlevelled LIs. And finally, I have Vytautaz who would need those scrolls too.

And so weekend has ended, quite good and active in Lotro.