Lord of the rings online

I had ~1 – 1,5 hour to play. Getting home late, but still wanting to get these boxes. Strangely enough, groups were organized very slowly. Level 105 – did and did efficiently, reward – 1 Anfalas scroll. Level 101 – did efficiently with experienced leader…but no box. Level 102 – once again, efficiently and one box. Reward – same 1 Anfalas scroll.

Now I lack some 20 scrolls. About 10 days of working and my legendary book would be done. Of course, I could aid one more legacy for mithril coins (or with Anfalas crystal of remembrance) and then grind for another ton of scrolls. Just not sure what to go for – Fate?

Luckily, festival is ending, we would have Bilbo’s birthday and Marine’s tale. Both are uninteresting, since offeres no Anfalas crystals or scrolls. The only festival I am waiting for is Yule one.

Question about legendary bridle. I still use lvl.85 (?) one, but do I really need lvl.100?

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.