Lord of the rings online

This week’s featured instance: Bells of Dale. First, I was lucky to run as Stormsong. My dps were usefull, managed to destroy almost all rats. Alas, one went into belltower and I guess we failed challenge. On Naktieskarys I was very unlucky: groups were formed one after another, yetmanaged to get into one. Playing Mini was better. Result: each run gave me 1 Anfalas scroll.

I asked in World chat how many scrolls each player received. Folks told number varied from 1 to 2.
Started to spam about trade offer: tome A to tome B. Been spamming this for some time, no result…and I trashed tome. Yes, I do have in my vault another. People kept asking why i don’t sale. One of our most experienced kinnies told I behaved not wise, he did not understand why I did not sell or offer at kinship. I wanted to trade it, not sell or give away. Nobody ever asked, especially our most experienced ones who – I believed – have their toon maxed. I had a very clear purpose:to exchange into tome of same rarity and price. Since nobody needed it – I deleted. Yes, it was act of despair. Yes, i would trash every single lootbox from now. What’s the use of status tomes nobody wants?

In World chat – nobody wanted help. Some rants about my favourite “Gandalf the Grumpy” and “War of the Weed”. One player needing to be levelled (these i do not help, for levels u do not need support).

And so the day has ended: a bit of despair (trashing…), a bit of logic and loot.