Lord of the rings online

Weekend in Lotro: mostly with Stormsong with very mixed impressions.

Helegrod Drake wing runs: ran with Stormsong, few times died, overall – it’s just a chaos and lag, sometimes I had no idea where to go and what to do. Yet dps’ed, trying to stay alive and sometimes switch to green mode and heal my friends. After all, tank is more valuable than dps minstrel.
Loot was just…non-existent. Always 1 Anfalas scroll and either nothing more or just some not-so-valuable essence. Of course, others were getting nice things, including Anfalas crystal. Others, not me. As always, never me.
Pelagir runs: happened, always with Platinium and rewards that were lame. I should really consider joining other side. With good placement, Corsairs could attack and loot Pelagir, taking every single Supreme essence and First age symbols and Anfalas starlits. And yes, they have ships to bombard defenders…
However, I full;y upgraded one legacy, now need more Anfalas scrolls. If game decides to start giving me something as a loot – I shouldn’t take long for me to upgrade everything on Stormsong.

Helped players: one player was thinking about getting to lvl.50, then using Gift of Valar, then spending few hours in Warg pens and spee-reach lvl.105. I did not get the point, why hurry…but it was his choice. Overall, there was little player to help with.

Started trashing some trashy status tomes, like Tome of Agility 2, Tome of Might 8. Absolutely nobody wanted to barter them for tomes I needed. Well then, one tome would be sold (a pity, I really wanted for it to fail so that I could trash it). It’s obvious, status tomes are worthless for AH. If you don’t use – trash them without mercy.

Naktieskarys did 1 Drake wing run.

Vytautaz started doing epic quest. it’s over-boring with grumpy Big Battles and me having to ask for help. Of course, I am lowbie rank 1 Engineer, so can’t contribute to real war efforts. Getting rewards I really do not care about (no FA symbols, only 1 time got some nice essence). The only positive thing is: I am getting much xp, so reaching lvl.97 would be no problem.
Of course, I have to do local quests, finish slayer deeds (herd creature and troll slayer…), earn some trait points – and make my little toon stronger.

Met one person I did not know from Dunedain of the North kinship. A leader. Looks like Bestone is not a leader anymore. Let us hope DoTN have any activity right now (if they don’t – feel free to join The Family).

Overall: our server is a bit quiet. If one is not for new instances, there is very little to do. No newbies needing help. Some power-levelers, some rp, some empty talks. I am waiting for my Vytautaz to start solo quests so that I could freely ride in Rohan.

And so weekend has ended – a bit greedy with rewards in Lotro.