Lord of the rings online

Stormsong had very little activity. Nobody needs help in World chat, Kinship made only runs I am not eligible for. In World chat people were organizing Drake wing,wanted something “healish”. I went as healing Minstrel.

And then was a zone of silence, where each was on his/her own. Nobody talked. Nobody answered my questions. I was left for myself. They did not need heals (though I spammed AoE heals all the time). I got loot – some worthless 2-slotted earrings, Solvent and 2 Anfalas scrolls.

On Arkenstone server deleted two toons – they supplied my main toon with some 10 gold. Leaving only higher lvl toons (to grind for, say, reputation items) and crafters. Later my toon would be minstrels only – so Jeweller would have enough job in supplying shinies.

So far I am left with almost zero activity. Dome of Sun, Throne of terror and others are ones I can’t enter. Drake wing is laggy sometimes and all this in the name of 2 scrolls. And nobody needs any help in the World chat.

I need some activity on Stormsong. And then must force myself to adventure on Vytautaz.