Lord of the rings online

Stormsong had zero activity and very limited time (some 40 minutes). No runs, no Pelagir, only one person needed help with raid content (but w could not duo a raid).

Then I went to see character transfers. I had some toons on other servers, so moved most of them to Arkenstone. All OneA, OneB, OneC. Almost all were low level Champions, two of them – crafters (Armourer and Jeweller).

It turned on I had shared vault with some nice things, I had reputation items. Not sure if I had a house. Later – I received some 20 Turbine points on each toon I logged, just because of change in slayer quests. Maybe 60 Tps just by seeing notifications was nice. Also, opened some lootboxes, got pure trash.

Now, my task is clear: finish some deeds, earn TPs with those alts, grind some reputation items with higher level toons…and then create an army of minstrels. They are faster, more efficient thatn Champion. All toons would supply stuff to crafters, crafters could supply equipment to future alts.

And so my short play of Lotro was over. An altaholism continues…