Lord of the rings online

Featured isntance this week – 12 players strong Helegrod Drake wing. 12 players mean lag to me and with entire 1 Anfalas scroll it’s not worth the effort. So, Stormsong skipped all “box runs”. I do avoid World chat advertisiments, since I am afraid to meet wannabe-leader and fail.

One player invited “high lvl healer just for 5 minutes”. Oh yes, Rift, defeat Thaurlad. I told it would be fail and wife. We went, I switched to blue trait tree, in blue mode. I spammed heals, but when it came to real damage, my lame NPC was not accepting some heals, she was killed, Rift failed. For Rift, you need…maybe 10 minstrels, based on healing only. Not 1. I felt disappointed.

Xinderbor grinded TPs. Finished Ered Luin, went to Bree and then rushed to do everything that may be done quickly. Spiders, neekerbreakers, single flie slayer. Then – brigands (difficulties, because I was under-levelled), finally – barghests, wighs and almost anything in Barrows.Level 19, then lvl.20, return to Bree, rush to kill Orcs, recall to Bree, use all reputation items (except mathoms).

Sold everything, toon deleted. Some 200 Tps, yay.

And so the day has ended in Lotro.