Lord of the rings online

We had interview with developers. Legendary item grind is not an option to reconsider, loot system would be changed (I guess, to worst) and more more raids to come. Solo PvE players, as usually, are left behind. Such people like me are left behind. Why do  I do not wait for any update?

Meanwhile Stormsong continued her daily grinds: 2 featured instances, typically – 2 scrolls. After that, was helping random people in Lonelands, Evendim. It was just nice – run, kill everything in sight and just wait for everything to be finished. Evendim was profitable: i got valued Mathoms.

We had discount for travel skills. Purchased two of them, so now my travel skills are on 5 minutes cooldown, instead of 1 hour. I may travel freely, hurray!

Xinderbor did Ered Luin slayer deed, now up to finish Places of Dwarves. After that – quick ride to Bree, spider, neeker slayer, reach lvl.17 as soon as possible…then to barrows. Barrows should be very quick: kill anything that moves untill lvl.20, then recall to Bree, try to finish some class deeds, use reputation items.

Overall, I need to focus on Stormsong’s legendary weapons. Upgrade everything, so that I could be better Minstrel.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.