Lord of the rings online

Stormsong managed to do 2 featured instance runs. We did it quickly, everything was good, just loot was – only 2 scrolls of empowerement. I used them on one most needed legacy.

Managed to help one player in Lone lands: kill wighs and trolls. Probably he was doing deeds, but I did not care. I just used all of my dps and job was quickly done. Then, there was some lvl.22 goup in Great barrows. I dps’ed things for them, then left. It was not power-levelling, just some kind of fun for me. Wanted to aid one player with 20 luight hides, rushed to Celondim…but he left fellowship.

Xinderbor got few levels, but it still in training area. I decided to make a quick run with her. Only fast deeds, maybe even leave Mathom armour aside.

Talked in Kin chat about Farmers Faire. I am really pessimistic about it. Pure rng. Races – told me one kinnie…but I really fail each single race. i need x2-x3 more time. Just because I either am too slow of fall to the mud. RNG quests are bad for me. So, I should just wait untill this lame festival ends.

I do need to grind some more scrolls, then run Xinderbor…and finally do something with Vytautaz. He needs to enter Westfold, do remaining deeds (wild creature slayer, exploring…), somehow finish Big Battles (nobody cares how). Then, I could stop. Ostgiliath is impossible to enter anyway.

And so the day has ended,  quite good in Lotro.