Lord of the rings online

We have Farmers faire. A festival at Bywater, the only notable barter item – Anfalas starlit crystal (120 tokens). I decided to take my chances on Stormsong.

It was a mistake. Festival was overcorwded, extremely high competition for everything. And, of course, only luck. I stood for God knows how long – maybe 30 minutes – waiting for drunkards to say something wrong. Then, I fioshed for maybe 30-60 minutes…only to fail to catch last item. One fishing quest failed, because I caught some wrong fish. The only normal quest is to serve Hobbitses (gather apples) and throw rotten froots at bounders. Summa summarum, i got some 18 tokens, bartered for crystal and left.

I was really dissatisfied and angry. There was no joy for this festival, only pure RNG. If game favours you – you would get tons of tokens, if it does not favour – feel free to curse the game. I was asking people around about festival – nobody answered, I was ignored by this festival crowd.

Stormsong did 2 featured instance runs. Was killed one time, received some 3 scrolls of empowerement and 1 trash essence. Also, after consulting kinnies, deleted some featured instance 2-slot armour. Trash anyway, though some kinnies use it for healing (not for me then, my minstrel is pure dps).

Managed to help one lvl.39 player in Annuminas. He went, I killed, he did all quests and received one level. I felt satisfied with my perfomance.

And so the day has ended: not so happy in Lotro.