Lord of the rings online

Featured instance has been changed – this time it’s Stoneheigh. I managed to get into group and run it 2 times, getting some 5 scrolls. Then one very kind kinnie just gave me 10 scrolls (!). Finally, did one run as Naktieskarys and got some 2 scrolls.

This let me to finish with my legendary sword and invest into legendary book. I am starting to build top legendary weapons and with some luck soon would be better with fights. I invest heavily into Will (main status for minstrel), dps. Now I would be investing into healing: no heal is too big.

Stoneheigh is doable. Not so easy, but with proper group and good shing-shing – it’s doable. Of course, squishy minstrel might be in trouble, but I have some shield and can shield ally.

Otherwise – grinded Bree and Mathom reputation items with Stormsong. Mathoms are very rare, I only have some 70 now – still 50 more to grind. I do run lots of barrow runs, sometimes outrunning other players (like lvl.30s loremaster).The only use of this are gold coins.

Now my day job would be clear: two runs on Stormsong, one with Naktieskarys, then dailies in Wildermore with Vytautaz…and possibly reputation items grind with Stormsong. Of course, helping other people should they need help.

And so the day has ended. Day has been very succesfull in Lotro.