Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was almost idle: only some Wildermore dailies. Took part in Burried treasure. Totally lame festival where yiou get trash loot in small/medium crates or rush with remaining horde to find The Big One. No sense, no rewards – just pure nothing.

Xinderbor really enjoyed questing/deeding. I wisely used slayer/deed accelerator and slayer accelererator, finishing Bree slayer. Managed to finish all deeds that required healing skills. Then started deed to change stances. Finally, solution came. I looted lootbox, got some tomes of defense. Asked in World chat if they are worth anything, folks told – about 5-10 gold. Sold all for 25 gold, bought yet another slayer deed acc…and started to grind deeds that required using Heralds strike. That’s 250 and 700. Grinded in Taradan, got into fellowship with one lvl.105. All I asked for was letting me strike. He was very kind and listened to me. Soon my deeds were finished. I went to the Shire,  killed evil slugs, then finished Rath Teraig exploration, turned in Bree task items.

It was time to use reputation items. Kindred with Bree, then (after Stormsong worked a bit) – Kindred with Mathom society. Sold everything, deleted and recreated Xinderbor.

Stormsong grinded some mathoms (too slow to grind, some 80 well-preserved to go) and then just kept helping random people. Some with Angmar, some with other parts of Middle Earth. I really enjoyed 2 moments.
First one: Angmar, to kill some Morroval queen. My colleague (lvl.40s Guardian) just ran, I killed everything. We were done quickly. He told it was nice. Well – I told – when he would be lvl.105, he would cover my squishy Minstrel from real attacks…
Second one: one player, not known to me. He told he noticed my asking if anybody needs help and would like after some hour. At least someone noticed…a pity, he did not came after 1 or 2 hours.

A pity Stormsong could not participate in featured instance. I really miss some 60 Anfalas scrolls (and would not mind additional crystals to enhance my legendary book:you know, there can’t be too much healing). If I earn 3 scrolls per day, it is almost month’s work.

And so weekend has ended. I had some 1000 Turbine points, vault full of Bree reputation items and armour, ready to grind for another potion of TPs. Ready to run instances, ready to help others: things are just nice in Lotro.