Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did one Pelagir run. No cool essences, just merit stars. Maybe enough to barter one scroll, but I have to wait untill Featured instance changes.

Xinderbor did all 250 healing spells use, 60 stance changes, some exploration in the Shire. As usual, task items in Bree. Need to concentrate on melee hit deeds (250 and 700). if I finish them, I get 2 more trait points – thus improved Call of Orome.

So far I do not touch reputation items: want to do some deeds and use all task items I have.

Overall things are getting slow and lazy in Lotro: I can’t participate in Halls of Night runs (althouigh they have nice drops), Pelagir is done almost on my request only (and has no good drops). While I do need some 70 Scrolls of empowerement, that’s at least 25 days of work.

I do need to force myself to play Vytautaz with the boring Wildermore quests. Then do some deeds. And then move to Westfold!