Lord of the rings online

Stormsong saw no action: no Pelagir, nobody needing help in World chat. Just perfect…

XInderbor finished Bree-land woodsman deed (thanks, slayer deed accelerator) and resumed some other deeds, like use healing skills, change modes. Then, I moved to the Shire.

I killed everything that is deedable, soon almost all slayer deeds were done (just not those evil slugs!) and all exploration deeds were done. Hill with flies gave me one lootbox key. Met come competitors, but they were not a big problem. Received “Enmnity of the wargs” deed (probably won’t finish it).

Mathom armour is deposited now. Will need it for other toon, to fully equip and send her to the battle. Xinderbor would remain for some time (5 days?) and then would be deleted.

And so the day has ended – a bit grey, bus mostly fun in Lotro. I did enjoy good feeling while deeding with Xinderbor.