Lord of the rings online

We had yet another update. It did not affect my toon, so I was pretty calm.

Stormsong did one Pelagir run. Everything went smooth and perfect, we got platinium and I enjoyed lots of Merit stars (of course, some nice Supreme essence would be good, but Pelagir citizens are known to be greedy. Next time would be joining Corsairs…).

Xinderbor did very nice TP grinding run. I really enjoyed everything. First, Brigands. Killing without accelerator, very quickly I finished everything, simple and advanced. Then, Barrows:took some quests, killed almost everything that moves. When most of my class deeds became yellow – used Slayer and Deed accelerator along with xp tome.

This time I was killing everything that moves, be it rat or wigh. Met several competitors, including one that cannot be outperformed: Loremaster. Received one invite, rejected. Finally, my wigh and barhest slayer deeds were done. I moved to kill Orcs, formed a short-lasted fellowship with one player…and soon fellowship was disbanded. I ran, killing  monsters untill all my battle skill deeds were done.

It was time for healing skills. Recalled to Combe, where I managed to do some 1100 uses: two deeds finished, one is yet to be done within 4 days.

The only deed in Bree lands I must do is huorn slayer. With slayer deed accelerator it would be nice.Have to use as many task board items as I can. Then – probably Shire exploration with some deeds (to save valuable Mathoms)…and maybe some quests in Ered Luin to get reputation with Dwarves.

I really enjoy my Tp grind. It is not very fast, time-effective, but is really fun. I have enough skills to withstand almost any enemy on my level. I have efficient self-heals and Turbine points grind is going well. The only thing I miss is some easy featured instance I could join every day.