Lord of the rings online

Had almost zero time. At work we were celebrating my birthday. We cheered, laughed, read poems – had some fun. At home, my friends and parents came, we were having nice tea party.

At the end of the dayI was bit tired, wanted to sleep, so logged in Stormsong for a really short time. Featured instance:Halls of Night that I do not have. No Pelagir runs.

Asked in world chat if anybody needed help, one player needed to hunt some Orcs in Lone lands. Helped, recalled to Bree, logged off.

Today I hope to do more: my TP grinder needs to grind TPs, Vytautaz needs Wildermore dailies, Naktieskarys – DA dailies, Stormsong – Pelagir.

And so birth day was over – cheerful in real life.