Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz hardly found what to do. Quest in Wildermore, doing easiest quests for Survivors – yes. Gaining experience,advancing LIs step by step – yes. Otherwise, nothing more.

Stormsong was hoping to go to box runs (i.e. featured instances), but either there were none when I came or Kinship just finished and noone was willing. Pelagir was organized few times – but nothing more. I asked in world chat if someone needed help with questing. Some people responded, I was able to help them. Last one was one lvl.60 Minstrel with School and Library. This was an awesome thing – two screaming dps minstrels, owning everything they could.

World chat was full of discussions about Lotro. Some usually wrong topics, like “there are too many kids” (never met one real kid), “community went down after f2p” (better to have f2p Lotro than no Lotro at all). Somebody complained about names, like he saw person and people mocked his/her name. Hard to believe. Mostly this isn’t happening, except one troll who trolled almost every new player: “[name] we won’t see soon”. Other than that – everything is all right, I told my TP grinder’s story and how nobody mocked it, just moderators changed (and to the good, have to admit). One error does not meet erratic society.

Xinderbor, my TP grinding toon, started her adventures. I used +25% xp weekend, then used looted tome that gives additional xp and very quickly became lvl.18. Now, all I have to do is to kill almost everything deedable, finish most easy exploration deeds, use reputation items to grind reputation with Bree people.

Perhabs then – Shire, local exploration deed. Yes, I am earning TPs slowly, but I do want to enjoy it.

Note: today, August 22, is my birthday. At evening we will be celebrating, then I would ask for some Kinship runs. it’s my birthday and I want to celebrate it with Kin, not with some random people.

And so weekend has ended, kind of quiet in Lotro. Today’s my birthday, hurray.