Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Wildermore dailies, finished some deed, turned in some task items.

Stormsong used Legacy tier Upgrade scroll on her legendary sword. Then, kept asking if there was any box run. There was none, but Kinship was active in Anorien instances. Ones I cannot enter.

One player behaved unwise in world chat. He told he was selling his account for some thousand in-game gold. I told him he was breaking the rules, he ignored my warning. Well, if mods take some action, he would be the one to blame.

My Stormsong is close to fully upgrading her legendary sword. Next stop with super-grind is book. It needs Anfalas crystals and tons of empowerement scrolls. With 3 featured instance runs, it may take some time to grind – but as a Minstrel, I do need strong healing.

And so the day has ended – quiet and lazy in Lotro.