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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Wildermore dailies, got more local tokens (nowhere to use, anyway), then went to Aldburg and used some task board items.

Stormsong participated in Dol Guldur dungeons runs. Somehow was trolled by local trolls: they managed to spot me and/or my Elf. Sometimes I was spotted two times in a row. Despite this, we were succesfull and I got some scrolls of Empowerement. Now, I lack only 18 scrolls to max my legendary sword. Of course, minstrel book remain which needs tons of these scrolls, some Anfalas crystals…but it may wait. Crystals may be earned on Yule festival, scrolls may be gathered in featured instances.

Following my old habit, was asking World chat if anyone needed help. Not so much:one person asked for Great Barrows, but then disappeared; another – with Limlight Gorge, to kill some trolls and then be protected from trolls. Everything went nice.

Naktieskarys wanted to participate in runs, but there were none. Then he just did Dol Amroth dailies (well, I need lvl.105 on this toon, somehow).

Everquest II

I was told that the game mercenaries are – surprise,surprise – for customers only. Well, for free players EQ2 leaves lots of options:
1) walk/run
2) attack monster
3) loot monster
4) sell trash to NPC
That’s all what is offered for free player. Which qualifies EQ2 free version as in fact – an offline or just single player game. A pity, I was thinking about playing it.


A new/old mmo, produced by infamous Derek Smart. A clone of WoW (at least taht’s being told). F2P restrictions are really mild, everything seems ok…except bugs and lags and the fact game can be run only via Steam. Why the heck they don’t have simple client – I have no idea.

Would I play it? No idea. Perhabs not. But a game with conception like this – would sound promising.