Lord of the rings online

Weekend was full of activity.
Vytautaz started grinding Wildermore wood trolls. One 60-minutes slayer deed accelerator, then some 50 trolls killed without one: deed completed. Finally, slayer of Wildermore is done. Next were, of course, daily quests for lame Survivors of Wildermore.

Stormsong participated in Sammath Gul runs. Only one was very unsuccesfull. I was in Minas Tirith (known as Lag Tirith), entered instance…and seriously lagged. My friends were at the last boss, I was still running, asking to wait for me. They didn’t. The door closed just before me, I stood useless. Quit the instance and was a bit sad. They had to wait for ~1 minute.

Then Stormsong switched to epic quests in Minas Tirith. I did them automatically, paying little attention to the (possible) epicness. Stewart of Minas Tirith, his visions, ride of Rohirrim…and deaths.

Teoden dead, Eowyn dead, some 2 archers (Duilin and other) dead, Golodir dead, another Ranger dead, vision of Gandalf the Grumpy dead, even local Nazgul was dead too. Yes, Eowyn should recover and become healer, not Shield-maiden…but still a pity.

However, almost all Book 5 quests are done. I received valuable Anfalas starlit crystals (4), imbued weapon legacy replacement scroll, some Empowerement scrolls, reputation xp and equipment. Since I really dislike Gondor/Anorien, I paid little attention to texts. Go there, speak to this, finish quest. One time had to decide what to do with NPC who stole food for his family. Decided to turn him in: sorry, guy, we talk about war, thievery is not permitted during war.

Naktieskarys participated in one box run, earning 2 scrolls of empowerement.

Results: I lack some 20 scrolls for my Stormsong’s legendary sword. Then I would have to level up legendary book (healing is needed too).

Stormsong re-entered World chat. Sometimes it is full of trash, like “your country is trash”, “No, go check yours”. I use to ask if someone needs help. Helped many random people: one needed aid with Fornost, another – in Lone lands, third – with Giants in Evendim and so on. One time power-levelled player from lvl.20 to lvl.22 by doing full Great barrows run (Maze-Thadur-Sambrog). However, I did not like that player – he was too demanding to give him his class items. Give? Pardon me, you could ask to craft, providing materials, but not demand.

Overall Lotro was full of adventures. Only Vytautaz stands confused about what to do:only very grindy slayer deeds ahead and I probably should be going to Westfold.

Everquest II

I have finally found my class and some missing things. Tried Necromancer and, boy, it was amazing. Received one tiny skeleton to aid me and thought it was more about decoration…but it wasn’t. Little guy with no clothes did all fighting, I had just to support him. Only one time he was killed. Of course, I have little spells, all of them are Damage Over Time (DoT), but they do work.

Then, understood that if I talk to NPC in starter area about gathering, she would give me quest. I took quest and it was really cool. Now, I just gather everything I can see.

Quests are going very well, skeleton guy doing all job for me and I am just collecting things.

My Wizard stands abandoned. Not sure if I would delete her and start new, quality, Necromancer.  Current Necro would become a crafter. Maybe Tailor to craft bags, so that I won’t run out of inventory space.

F2P restrictions are really making Everquest II an offline game. I was unable to fill questionanire for some Guild:in order to do this, I should pay. So, pay for chat; pay for ability to send mail; pay fgor ability to enter Guild; pay for ability to use Auction. I don’t know any othert game with such severe restrictions. A pity, I though EQ was a mmo…


And so long weekend has ended – pretty nice and active one.