Lord of the rings online

Real life interferes once again: had little time (~1,5 hours) to play. Entwood, local crafting instances (other quests are too long). Leader of Vandals was a good one, populated with Wargs. Finished very soon, looted many items, inventory is just exploding with task items.

Soon, I will be levelling another three LIs to level 60. Need to gather as much legendary xp runes as possible. Of course, I won’t invest much inti Vytautaz’ weapons, especially Empowerement scrools. These are rare and expensive, I’d better use on Stormsong (she still needs >40 of them).

Everquest 2

Did not play, was just asking on official forums. Results: no optimism about getting money (auction house is closed for me, EQ2 dislikes free player). Crafting school – almost any is adviced, from Carpenter (housing decorations) to Tailor (armour). One player trolled like “read EQ2 wiki and explore which spell does what”. Sorry, there are many spells and each does different things.

I was adviced to take another school, not Wizard. Would try, maybe even would take that school toon to some other crafting school, so that one toon is, say, Tailor, anoter – Scholar. Lotro’s Minstrel is still the best class for me. \

And so the day has ended. I had little time, but on the weekend I would do everything I can. Do deeds, grind TPs (Wildermore wood trolls?), then possibly grind other regions. End of Rohan, Big battles are very near and I just have to meet them wit a fully maxed character. EQ2 may look promising.