Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz had very limited time to play, so limited myself. Entwood quests were great, mano wolves (and wolves have zero ranged units, yay!), legendary item xo was flowing. Due to time, I had to finish 2 quests too early. result:used my LI xp runes to advance weapons to lvl.60. Then – WIldermore quests, simpy, the fastests ones.

Speaking on advancing: I have great many Shattered hatchets and Pittew Swords. Hoarding them in my vault – would need later for some Gondor factions (and eventually +50 TPs).

A pity, I do not have much time and will to do Wildermore wood troll slayer deed. Always low on time (real life interfering), always doing what I have to (Entwood, Wildermore).

Stormsong took part in two Sammath Gul runs. Helaed everyone and everything, but was killed two times, always in the same corridor. Some attack just pushes me out and insta-kills. Some monster’s AoE attack? Other than that, things were good. Looted 3 scrolls of empowerement, invested into Will. Soo my WIll would be maxed and I would start another grind. Long one, need some 40 more scrolls. Looted one ANorien lootbox with trashy Tome of Vitality X. Next time, I would just destroy every single trashbox.

Everquest 2

Did not play. Just thinking about crafting (only one school…not fair) and reputation. Little ideas how does reputation work. Looks like – in a way of exclusion: if you are friend with town A, you are enemy with town B.


And so the day has ended:short, but still effective in Lotro.