Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Wildermore dailies, earning more tokens and moving towards another tier of reputation. Then I went for Entwood dailies which were kind of good for me.

Stormsong participated in Sammath Gul runs. I ran as healer and ran into problems. Tried to heal, spammed AoE heals/buffs and several times in a row was killed. Well, that’s a shame: healer should not be killed so easily. Dead healer can’t help his friends, healer should hold at all costs…and heal others. I failed this. However, got some 3 scrolls of empowerement. Still need around 50 of them to max all legacies on my legendary sword (book is not an option:too much grind).

I should mobilize myself for one really really long run: Wildermore wood troll slayer deed. One group of trolls (some 10), and some 200 trolls to kill. Would need many of treasured slayer deed accelerators.

Everquest 2

My lvl.13 Wizard continued her journey. Killed stuff, one time was killed myself. Finally, got some AoE spell – a circle of fire. Good thing, just it’s AoE, so – very dangerous to class that has no self-heals. I killed cultists, eliminated their leader and now I have to go back to cultists and invoke some god they worship.

In crater, met one player who was killing cultists. Aided her, but my kills did not count: EQ2 has no open tapping, like Lotro. Since I am free player, I was unable to communicate with that player.

Within loot – found upgrades of two spells. Used them, though effect is not that big.

Overall, EQ2 is interesting. Lore is not so fascinating, only different NPCs doing stuff unrelated to each other. One is making mixture against vampires, another kills cultists, third exatcs revenge on fairies. Except “evil” alignment, nothing in common.

I came upon faction. Noriak (so-called “city of hate”) has quests that increases reputation with them, but decreases reputatio with other 3 cities. Is it like Ale and Inn associations in Lotro?

And so the day has ended – good in Lotro and EQ2. Now I just have to finish all slayer deeds in Lotro…and decide what to do with crafting in EQ2.