Lord of the rings online

Entwood dailies, as always, getting local barter currency. Right now i have >1000 Fangorn leaves and do not even think what to do with them. There is nothing, in fact, for non-crafting toon.

Wildermore dailies brought me to first tier of reputation and some deed done. I am accumulating local tokens:maybe one day would use them for some stuff. Wildermore means only one thing: wood troll slayer deed. I would need many slayer deed accelerators to finish it – but after all, I finished all other slayer deeds there. One big step and I am done with local slayer deeds.

What happens next? Very simple – I move to other territories to finish all remaining slayer deeds. Only then would I be able to enter Westfold.

Everquest 2

Played a little. My own evil Human Wizard (lvl.13) went, killing everything and earning some Loyalty tokens. EQ2 offers very simple system: for any 2 deeds you receive Loyalty token. SImpliest deeds: harvest 40 materials (any!), kill 2 named bosses, kill 25 creatures, kill 8 types of creatures. PvP (kill NN players, kill NN class players) are not for me.

EQ2 does lack Lotro-style deeds, like “kill 100 grulets”. There seems to be no grind and by far – no harvesting restriction. Just harvest whatever you like. Unfortunately, I could pick only one school and only one sub-category. Which in fact limits me severely. I need weapons, armour, jewellery, spellbooks and eventually – inventory bags. For that, I need 5 crafting schools.

Yesterday I ran into one quest: go to some crater, kill some baddies. Returned – and NPC tells me to kill named boss. Good to hear, just how to do it? Crater is swarming with simple mobs, I can kill one, but can’t handle all of them. And while i kill one, another appears. Yesterday I managed to run through them, used Sprint…and hardly escaped alive. How am I supposed to do this while on level, remains mystery.

EQ2 is playable. As a single player game it is quite good.

And so the day has ended. It was a good one in Lotro and EQ2